Sail ho! Inclement weather be damned, we’re partying!

Would you like to hear how the merfolk came to be or go straight to the invite?


Avast, it be too late to alter course matey, and there be plundering pirates lurking in every cove waiting to board…


3 - How merfolks came to be

Do you know how the merfolk came to be?

It's Rhetorical

4 - caught onboard

Anyone caught on board a ship whose weren’t supposed to be there was keelhauled unless…


5 - Unless..

Unless they talked their way out of a keelhaul and into a sack tied with a length of chain and thrown overboard to Davy Jones’ Locker.

Take a Deep Breath

6 - Unfortunate Souls

Not all of them drowned though, some of them caught the eye of the Sea Witch. She turned many of these poor unfortunate souls into merfolk.

She helped them?

7 Siren Song

Now, the Sea Witch and her legions of merfolk be singing the siren song to lure sailors to their deaths.

Watch the Rocks!

8 - Let's Parlay

The pirates are holding a Pirate Conclave to meet the merfolk and broker a truce. Will you join them?

Let's Parlay