Sail ho!

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Avast, it be too late to alter course matey and there be plundering pirates lurking in every cove waiting to board…



I’ll tell you a tale of the bottomless blue—a tale of romance and heartbreak, of violence and redemption. A tale of two captains, a sunken Spanish treasure galleon, and a call to arms with a share of the prize to all who agree…



This is the tale of the captain of the Vengeance. The captain known as the Mistress of the High Seas. Her crew, known to use their feminine wiles to lure unsuspecting victims close then slip a blade betwixt their ribs. A path of subversion and assassination in her wake.



Her counterpart, Black Beard of the Defiance, leaves as much violence and fear behind his stern. A rum runner, a treasure seeker, and a gambler. Hunted by both the English and the Spanish for crimes against the Crown.



The two, together with their crews, have terrorized the seas and coastlines from London to Lisbon, from the West Indies to the Carolina Colony. Word has it that one has been sitting quietly in Nassau, the other in Tortuga. Secretly amassing resources and planning. They’ve not seen each other these three years past on account of the tattoos. You have heard of the tattoos have ye not?

The Tattoos?

7 - tale is told

A tale is told of these two captains and their tattoos. They say they are responsible for sinking a Spanish treasure galleon when they came upon rough water. The captains sailed for land, a squall taking most of their crews and dashing their ships upon the shore.

The captains had to part ways to ensure the safety of the treasure location. He with half the map to the sunken treasure, she with the other—writ dark upon their skin.

x marks the spot...


You hold on your hand a coin to the Pirate Conclave, invited by the captains of the Defiance and the Vengeance. This coin is special, it is unique. It grants you audience at their secret meeting, it may grant you riches beyond your wildest dreams…

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All those who’ve earned the secret coin will gather before the two captains in their pirate thrones. Those deemed worthy will form a crew and set sail for sunken treasure. Those found lacking will meet the blade of Black Beard.

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